BS // March 2021 Cool meets wise classic

Natural, elegant, approachable, humble, understated and with loads of wisdom.

BS is a person with an extremely refined taste which can easily be noticed in the environment he lives in. Classy with a very strong opinion, even though understated, it's hard to miss his design sensibilities. Very particular about his likes and dislikes, BS has always been extremely wise with the choices he makes.

For his summer wardrobe, he wanted something natural, classic, comfortable which would do the task perfectly, look sharp without being noticed too much. Basically “natural ease” married to “style”. The natural choice is an Italian woven linen, handcrafted jacket. Completely deconstructed to match his relaxed traits of doing things while looking fantastic for the tropical summer.

Trousers are in hundred percent cotton denim trousers with leather and cotton details and side tabs is developed, to cut out all unnecessary elements and give it a clean minimalistic look. Another pair in ash grey cotton wool fabric, a hybrid and a hands down season winner from our french mill.

Choice of work shirts is extremely functional with micro checks in blue, soft pink are easily layerable with essential beige, blue jackets and navy, grey trousers.

With a mostly subtle color palette, the right amount of humor is added with personalised hand embroidered icons, which were especially developed with his inputs.

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