Essentials: building of wardrobe / 18

Like atoms, our pieces of the Essentials collection, all move in perfect synchrony, quite sensitive to a mutual change, drawn towards the other creating - the Essentials by Eudaemon. Re-imagined mornings, for clothes to respond symbiotically, making the process of dressing up a ritual that is simple, uncomplicated, and palpable. Thoughtfully designed and curated to create mind-space and ease the decision fatigue, essentials become a routine, fitting in naturally. A ready to use collection of twelve pieces thought of as a family that works in harmony with each other to make more than forty different looks for every occasion. Essentials by Eudaemon is built on two axis method- focusing on zero excess and using key classics. The collection works together magically and is four times more efficient. The Essentials becomes the foundation of every man’s wardrobe.