Euda Space / 20

We wanted to build a space where experiences and relationships thrive. A place which would give eudaemon and its people the environment to create products which are high on quality and significant for the times to come.
To be true to brands DNA, the location was important. We had to be in the heart of a city for being accessible, while not being on the face or over pronounced. This to help us keep distractions away while focusing on the people who really respect what we do. It was always meant to be “By appointment only ” as to make good products it is essential to understand the end user - for which you need time and focus
The space we choose was bare and a clean slab for us to build it according to our not so common requirements. Putting the studio, the craft area while being happy to host people is not always an easy cocktail to make.
With minimal changes, while drawing some fine lines- we could provide the openness we needed for the people working at eudaemon and visitors to understand eudaemon to their best ability. Our space here on the golf course road in Gurgaon, is divided in three broad sections- the craft area, the studio and the interaction area. While the best part being that these are not separated by any kind of walls or obstructions.
We treat this as one world rather than having different experiences for customers and for the people who are actually making it - the craftsmen.
As eudaemon aesthetics always follow a purpose or a function. The openness of the space, less of display, white clean walls, raw naked pine wood furniture, natural brick flooring, an open ceiling, the greens are all designed and put together for one to feel peaceful and aware of oneself rather than being distracted by a dominant pronounced design sensibility. If you look closely, you would also find harmony in the city exterior and studio interior. Harmony or being neutral is the best way to make a good decision and enhancing any experience.