Euda Traveler / 19

At Eudaemon, we are greatly fascinated by the bygone era and inspired by craft, culture, and heritage from all over the world. In recent times, time has become the ultimate commodity, and therefore the present demands for clothing that is transitional, versatile, modular, and highly utilitarian. This multitude of opportunities led to the foundation of a carefully curated travel wear collection for the ‘modern commuter’ who’s always on the move. Sophisticated, timeless, and honed with a sustainable ethos, the Euda traveler believes in discovering comfort and luxury through clothes while performing throughout their daily rituals, thus redefining the relationship with clothing. Each garment is imbibed with a sense of authenticity, craft, and history which leads to the adoption of the philosophy of sentimental evolution of the product to make it feel special over the discourse of the time.