Every garment is made keeping the customer at the center of the design process guided by the value of enhancing the customers life experiences while they are wearing it.

Horsehair canvas.

The real horsehair canvas is stitched and not pasted for natural movement and exceptional softness.

Floating organic canvas waistband.

Organic floating waistband, not pasted. All- natural organic waistband, ergonomically curved to make the trouser the most comfortable you will ever experience.

Finest materials. Inside out. Our very first external environment.

The clothing we wear is the primary external environment and has the ability to change the way we experience life. The use of breathable cupro, natural cottons, Australian merinos, corozo buttons all together makes the big difference.

Unstructured construction.

Keeping body movement and comfort in focus, an unstructured jacket work wonders in tropical climates, giving the ease and natural flow of movement.

Jacket sleeve insertion.

Comfort during body movement is the main responsibility of any clothing. From jacket sleeve insertion to the half yoke construction, Eudaemon clothing is meant to be lived in with absolute comfort.

Cupro lining.

Made out of processed cotton seeds, has natural absorbing characteristics and silky smooth hand feel. This makes the best lining material for trousers and jackets.

No Compromise.

V notch/dinner split- added comfort while you sit.
Inside waistband curtain- natural elasticity results in a good fit and even better comfort.
Half-moon stitching- handmade pocket reinforcement and sartorial detail.
Half knee lining- a must for any woolen trouser. We take it a notch up by using cupro.
Cotton heel tape- reinforcement and makes a fine fabric fall better.
Hand finishing- this is what adds emotions to your garments.
Natural buttons- resin, corozo, bull horn, mother of pearl. There is no compromise.
Extended waistbands- a design detail, to go with or without belts.
Handmade buttonholes- there is a reason why these are an acquired taste.
Invisible drawstrings.
Half belt and side adjusters.
Button closing indicators- this one is a super cool detail, even tells you how to wear your jacket.
Cupro sweat pads- absorbs extra sweat and protects the outer shell of the jacket.
Cuff placket buttons- comes handy during hot days when you don’t feel like buttoning the cuff.
Curved bottom- gets the balance right.
Personalised initials- was meant for your dry cleaners in the past. Now a sign of acquired taste and a bit of a show-off.
Barchetta Chest Pocket - Curved to fit in the pocket square
Made on Juki, Japan- this is the best in the trade and doesn’t get better.
Use of Gutterman German threads- adds elasticity to even the seam lines.
Cupro from Japan- absorbing, smooth, yet all-natural.
Fabrics- Italy, France, England, Mongolia, India. Best from around the world.

‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit.’