Crafted in Italy /15

Our artisans specialize in a single product category, which they have been crafting for decades & enjoy thoroughly. In Italy, we create fine shirts, trousers, and jackets the old-fashioned, traditional way- spend time to understand the needs of our customers and then devote a few weeks to craft these exclusively bespoke personalized clothing. time to understand the needs of our customers and then devote a few weeks to craft these exclusively made to measure personalized clothing.

We design timeless elegant clothing for men, focusing on functionality that transcends luxury and spreads beyond seasons. Eudaemon’s journey started with exploring to find the finest men in craft who are passionate about creating the clothes we wear. On the quest to look out for products, created with pure passion, dedication, commitment, care, and true love for craftsmanship; where each one of them would resonate with the soul of the worker and their small communions alike. We found these workshops tucked away in small villages, infrequently visited and seldom patronized, strewn across Italy. There lie, on the foothills of the Apennines our artisanal trouser-maker, amidst the widespread fields of Tuscan tobacco plantation -our Shirt-maker and in an old Etruscan cradled province of Tuscia- our traditional yet contemporary Jacket-sartorialist. Each of these facilities celebrates the charm of Made in Italy and truly represents the epitome of Italian handiwork, sartorial brilliance, and profound artistry. The authenticity of our clothes lies in their genius of creation and genuineness of long-lasting commitment.

Our Italian workshop and partners.

Floating Canvas Suits
Roma Lazio – estd. 1954

Based in a small town near Rome our partners started as a tailor shop and began producing very high-quality garments in 1954. A family business, with time the passion for style, form, and artisan skill has moved into an era where technology joins experience and creativity. We only use full floating canvas with the finest quality horsehair fibers sourced from Europe and combine it with precise cuts and skilled craftsmanship. The jackets become soft and comfortable ensuring an unmatched fit, sartorial comfort, and lasting durability.

Trouser Artisan
Emilia Romagna – estd. 1979

Our goal was to provide the most comfortable pair of trousers which the customers can literally live in. The search took us to a small and picturesque village of the Parma Apennines through the snow-covered mountains. This secluded place, rich in legends and amidst the chestnut trees we decided to make eudaemon trousers. All our trousers come with iconic 013 organic pleated waistbands that ensure thorough comfort during long hours of wear. Finished in piquet stitching and half-moon details for additional reinforcement.

The Shirt Maker
Tuscany – estd. 1970

Few miles away from Tuscany, as we drive through the tobacco fields in the beautiful Tuscan landscape is situated in one of the finest shirt factories in Europe. Established in the 1970s for years they have been producing for the leading European luxury brands. Family run and the owner’s omnipresence in the facility show the dedication for consistently producing great quality products. Sewn with precision, hand-made reinforcements, misaligned armholes, Panama cotton details in the collar, and finished with deep-sea mother of pearl buttons. While using only the best of cotton fabrics from historical mills across Italy, we ensure every shirt becomes special. We procure our fabrics from renowned mills such as Thomas Maison, David John Anderson, and Cotonificio Albini.