Luxurious Fabrics.

Our bespoke tailoring is dedicated to personalisation and simplifying the dressing regime. Eudaemon encourages a philosophical creation of clothes for an individual. Each piece of radical clothing becomes a second skin as it is developed in close relation to you, such that it responds to your body both instantly and emotionally, and is stitched artistically in age-old Italian sartorial techniques. The process is simply joyous, dedicatedly functional and unhurriedly focused and over time stimulates a deeper connection.

‘To be excellent we cannot simply think or feel,we must act excellently.’


Making the cut:
begin your sartorial journey

Listening & understanding the client

The most important stage of the journey begins quintessentially by understanding & establishing a valuable relationship with you. We can arrange a meeting at a place convenient to you or at our studio.This is to get a deep understanding of your style requirements by studying the environment you inhabit.We would ask you a few questions to understand you better, get more clarity on your requirements and bring focus to your needs.

Presentation of fabrics

Once we have an understanding of your style and needs we move on to the next stage of fabric selection. We aim to dissolve your decision making fatigue and consequently present you with a thoughtful selection of fabric for you to choose from which would best fit your needs and reflect your way of life.


This involves taking your measurements and recording them for future references. There are more than twenty measuring points and details which are recorded. we advise you on the cut that would look best on you, the number of buttons you should be opting for, style of lapel, colour of lining, number of pockets etc. We consult you at every decision making stage whilst keeping your existing wardrobe and needs in mind.

Made in Italy

We understand that clothing is one of the most important products that you interact with and spend most of your time in. Hence our products are made by masters of the craft who reside in Italy. The artisans in our production facilities have been in this craft for generations and have the right mindset to deliver the perfect product keeping you in mind.


The first fitting helps us understand how the fabric is draping your form. Some seams are still basted, or temporarily hemmed, so that they can be adjusted right down to the millimetre. After the first fitting, if there are any minor alterations to be made, the master tailor makes them and then the personalised piece of clothing is ready to be delivered to you.


This is the beginning of a jounery with your own piece of personalised clothing. The garment is made in a way that it fits you like a second skin, makes you feel your best and gets better with age, just like you.