PB // March 2021 quirky yet balanced

PB is a person who is always bringing something new to the table. Having a bent for aesthetics and creativity, he always finds something interesting to explore.

Quirky yet balanced, there is something specific about his personality which distinguishes him from others.

A golf player, an avid learner and a persevering person, PB devotes his passion to a lot of different activities.

For the tropical months, he wanted to play around with colours that look sharp but balanced when coupled with basic hues.

To start with, for his golf days, he wanted golf trousers that were noticeable and comfortable to be worn for long stretches of time. Pure cotton fabrics from mills in France and England were used for trousers in white, olive and bright yellow, made with active waistbands to give maximum comfort, cotton heel tape for the perfect fall, naturals buttons, belt loops and pocket reinforcements for additional strength.

For work, wool trousers were made with extended waistband, inside waistband curtain and dinner split to enhance everyday experiences.

To match his clean and modern aesthetics, a functional yet versatile city safari jacket was made with a hybrid of lana and linen. Fully deconstructed with shirt collar, patch pockets, sweat pads, cupro lining, hidden drawstring and a super cool detail- button closing indicators.

Another two-button jacket in a stunning fuchsia herringbone with a notch lapel was made. A hybrid of wool and silk giving an excellent drape. Barchetta and flap pockets, milanese buttonhole, natural buttons and name initials completed the whole jacket.

Incorporating vividness with basicness, shirts in yellow, red and blue-white stripes were chosen to complete the whole look.

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