Yellow Cognition / 17

Eudaemon began as cognition to simplify classic menswear and bring joy to the mundane process of daily dressing for men on constant move. While growing by the day, we tried to learn, adapt, and absorb from our surroundings, our peers, customers, and space around. Every experience was worthwhile and enriched our souls for a better tomorrow laden with opportunities. As a significant time has gone past our first day, we are evolving into connoisseurs who understand our customers and changing trends alike and choose a common ground to go forward. We envision to be one of the most loved menswear brand around, known for its dedication to customers, its impeccable product quality, innovative design cues, and great philosophy to back it all up. This would be our ideal place of Eudaemonia - the complete yellow state of existence. Moving a mile closer to the “Yellow State of Existence”, Eudaemon called for an event - “YELLOW” to celebrate the craft of menswear and create a meeting place for the connoisseurs of the trade. We deeply value “Made in Italy” for its artisanal dedication, sartorial brilliance, and long-lasting product quality. The event saw us as menswear enthusiasts curating artisanal trousers, polos, shoes, and jackets along with our main line of clothing. Simultaneously, Eudaemon launched its first capsule - 05/17 during the event. 'Yellow’ - spread over two days witnessed Euda ambassadors and experts from the fields of fashion, art, architecture, food, media, travel, and hospitality. The event was by invite-only for an exclusive showcase.