The City Safari Jacket
INR 18000

* also available in Made to Order

This Jacket is Eudamon’s verison for everyday urban wear, blending that function and form into each other. Minimal distractions in the jacket make it easy to pair it with shirts or crew necks or even with  a tie. Our City Safari has been the best seller, ever since it’s inception.

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• Outer Shell is made with - Linen, Mohair Wool

• Invisible Design Details 

• Shirt Collar

• Made for All Day Wear 

• Minimal Drawstring detail



Brief History


As its name suggests, the safari jacket was intended for use on safari in the African bush,
with the term first cropping up in the mid 1930s.
It’s unknown who made the first jacket, but
the style was a clear evolution of the British Khaki Drill uniform.





• Dry clean only

• Do not bleach

• Iron on medium heat