The Denim Worko Trousers
INR 10000

* also available in Made to Order

Comfortably styled trousers that are high on waist. From the waist band to the bottom turn- up, the pocket dimensions to the inner waist curtains, everything has been re-invented for you to live in these iconic trousers. Worko’s are the best trousers you can own.

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• Extended waistband for added comfort

• Slant pockets with merino wool piping

• Cropped trouser with turn ups for that sharp

• tailored look

• Sartorial waistband split allows more movement of the fabric at the waist, especially when you sit

• Trouser hem binding for a better fall & longevity



Brief history


Jeans are pants made from denim or dungaree cloth. They were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873.
During an unsuccessful replication attempt of a hard wearing cotton fabric known as ‘jeane’ (named after the city of Genoa, in Italy ) the fabric weavers of Nîmes, France realised they had developed a unique and sturdy fabric unlike anything else, hence “de Nîmes”.
Formulated from an organic dye with a distinctive blue shade; indigo was originally manufactured and exported from India (where it was given its name) during the Greco-Roman era and used for colouring the denim.





• Dry clean only

• Do not bleach

• Iron on medium heat