Don’t buy
if you don’t need it.

58% of the clothes go to the landfill without being sold, while 20% of the clothes go to the landfill with just being worn once.

Choose well.
Buy less.
Make it last.

Clothing for a better world!

Made fresh.
Just the way God made you.

Every clothing is made fresh, only when you ask for it. We believe in no hoarding and making it right. Personalized, numbered, and perfect for you.

All natural and good spirits.

Using only the best of natural materials to make fine Comfortable clothing that is also biodegradable. Best of cotton canvas, linens, merinos, cupro fabrics. Corozo, mother of pearl, resin buttons, and lots more.

Timeless design. Inspired by the past.

All the clothing are long-living design classics that have been around for years. Our job is to to make them well and relevant. These styles have the ability to outlast generations and hence won’t need to be replaced due to changing trends.

Everybody matters.

Our consumers, team, and craftsmen all matter equally, hence we all work out of the same environment as each other. The belief that with the right soil and environment we can nurture any seed.

Lifelong repairs.

These clothes are meant to get better with age. However, we are committed to repairing them at a minimum cost for as long as you want.