obvious clothing
for daily needs

Purpose Driven Timeless Iconic Pieces Inspired by the past and imbibed with a sense of ancient tradition and modern innovation.

euda traveller for
the urban commute

Sophisticated, timesless and honed with a sustainable ethos, the Euda traveler believes in discovering comfort and luxury through clothes while performing throughout their daily lives, and redefining their relationship with clothing.

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INR 25000

INR 25000

explore personalized clothing

no shortcuts

made to measure

Each piece of radical clothing is developed in close relation with the wearer for it to respond instantly and emotionally. The unhurried process takes place in italy with the age old sartorial techniques by using only the finest raw materials.


personalise & repair

The specialized alterations lab, 'King Alter' supervises highly detailed and precise modifications that reimagine those misfits and odd lengths. The facility is equipped to carry out most advanced modifications and achieve the best quality and fit possible for your existing clothing.

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